Our Cause

Life is a one time offer, use it well.



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Live Like Ron Foundation, Inc. will raise funds in honor of Ron Rager. These funds will be used for the betterment of children in Kentucky. Through education, healthcare, small deeds and grand gestures, we hope to elevate the lives of those in need as Ron did daily. This foundation exists only due to the amazing life of Ron Rager. A father figure, mentor, friend and so much more- Ron set an example for service, hospitality & relationships. Ron was Chief Operating Officer at Bluegrass Hospitality Group and struck fear, honor and love into every heart he touched. Ron was an exemplary individual and leader. Team members at BHG will always remember the code word, “Nebraska”- this meant Ron was coming. Aprons were straightened, silverware was rolled, glasses were cleaned. Ron held you to your highest standard; to be the best person you could be, every single day. We hope to spread the good that Ron started throughout the state of Kentucky, especially to children in need. Funds raised will go towards healthcare, lifestyle and education for children in Kentucky. Live Passionately, Love Unconditionally, Repeat. #LLR